Q. Who is Stephen Corbet?

A. So, my name is Stephen and I recently graduated from UCF with my Bachelors in Accounting. I’ve spent the majority of my life pursuing motocross racing as a profession. During my sophomore year of college, God pursued me and drew me into a relationship with him. From that point on He kept me “racing” just in a different competition. Now I’m racing in a “marathon” (lifetime pursuit) to finish the task that He has called me to do.

Q. Is there a verse you find particularly significant to this stage in your life? When did this verse become important?

A. “When someone has been given much, much will be required in return; and when someone has been entrusted with much, even more will be required.” Luke 12:48

I learned this verse at Orlando Baptist Church for the first time. From then on I understood what it meant, especially when I went on my first missions trip and realized how much I have been given.

Q. Why World Hope?

A. I began my walk with Christ at Orlando Baptist Church so I found out about World Hope there. As I began to read the Bible on my own I could see nothing but missions as the undertone of the whole thing. From there I knew that I had to become involved in World Hope.

Q. What is your experience in missions both with and without World Hope?

A. I have been on four missions trips. Romania was my first one to the gypsy villages. Then God took me to Haiti twice with World Hope where I have fallen in love with the people on the mountain. I hope to continue working in Haiti. The most recent trip I have been on was to Detroit, Michigan. It was an eye-opener to see a place in great need of the love of Christ right here in our own country.

Q. What uniquely did you bring to your trip? Or what did you hope to bring?

A. Each trip I have carried the mentality that sometimes God has to take you away from all of your distractions to speak to you in a way that cause you to listen. On my first trip I didn’t have anything to bring besides an open mind to experience something new. After a few trips my hope is to share the love of Christ in whatever environment I am in. I personally really enjoy getting to know the travelers in each group too.

Q. What has been your most meaningful moment on a missions trip, or with World Hope in general?

A. Just getting to know the people involved with Hope. There is a lot of insight and wisdom within everyone in leadership. As a young missionary I love listening to the leaders talk about past experiences and lessons they have learned.

Q. How did your idea(s) of what a mission trip would be like differ from the reality of going on one?

A. I think everyone wonders how he or she will be able to love someone in another country that speaks a different language. Every place I have been, whether they spoke English or not, we were able to communicate. Hugs and smiles speak no matter where you go. I always just ask a translator or a local how to say “Jesus” and a few other phrases, and then I use hand motions to do the rest. I have learned that love speaks through any language.

Q. Describe a memorable relationship formed on a trip or with World Hope?

A. Every trip I have been on I have formed memorable relationships. I don’t know where to begin. I have been on and grown with most of my closest friends on missions trips. Plus getting to know more of the Hope staff each time has been a huge blessing and encouragement in my life. I also love all of the missionaries we support and their teams that we do ministry with. I still communicate on Facebook will all of the translators we use in Haiti plus the leadership team in Romania. I have extended “family” now all over the world.

Q. What are your next steps? How has your life changed since traveling with World Hope?

A.My life has completely changed since coming to Orlando Baptist Church and getting involved with World Hope. I am beginning a new stage of life as the Missions Intern for the church in preparation for a larger role in the near future at the Detroit Hope Center. I just hope to grow in my relationship with Christ and reach the end saying, “I finished the race and kept the faith.” I trust in the work going on with World Hope and everyone in leadership to help me with that.