The Vision


All of our efforts are directed at the ultimate goal of bringing hope to the hopeless in Kenya.

The Facts


Unemployment Rate (2 out of every 5 people are out of work)

GDP - PER CAPITA ($55,800 in US)

Infant Deaths out of 1,000 Live Births

Kawangware Slum (where Hope Center is located) is one of the largest slums in Africa.

Infant mortality rate is over 6xs what it is in the US

Most people live on 2 dollars a day or less.

Top 10 among countries in both number of people living with and dying from HIV/AIDS

The Hope

The Hope Center Kenya

Through the Hope Center Kenya, lives will be touched when needs are met and beneficiaries find the love of Jesus.


We believe Church should be in the fabric of every community.


Education is the key to reaching one’s potential. Without it, restoration and flourishing are not possible.


Food, water and basic medical needs are the components of good health and wholeness.


It is our desire to help people and communities be restored to what they were destined to be.

The Future

The Hope Center

We believe the Hope Center will be a beacon of light in Nairobi, Kenya by cultivating a place of culture, education, health, and restoration.


Hope Church
Sports Outreach Program


Hope Academy
Everlasting Light Program


Free School Lunches
Sports Programs
Health Education


Hope Church
Rebuilding of Kawangware

The Difference

How can YOU help?

We believe YOU are the difference in bringing hope to the hopeless.

You can help make a difference by praying, giving or going.


We understand we can't do this alone. Would you pray with us that we can impact our world in a life changing way.


Giving to World Hope accelerates hope where it is desperately needed, and it could be the difference of a child having hope.


Join us on a missions trip and bring Hope with a smile, a helping hand, and invest in people that need Hope.