As a trip-based missions organization, we have taken many trips to Kenya in the last 15 years. It is quite a bit more rare for Pastor Brian of Hope Church Kenya to get to come visit us instead. Through the month of October and into November, Pastor Brian is currently in the states visiting, but much like our trips over there, he is also working very hard. The goal of this trip is to show gratitude to many churches and individuals who have given to Kenya in the past. Many of the amazing buildings, projects, and programs we have over there would not exist without the generous donations of churches and families here and around the world. It is one thing to give selflessly, but it is another thing altogether to receive a “Thank You” from around the globe and a visit from Pastor Brian. While here, he is also sharing our newest project. (Read More) We are in the process of raising $75,000 to complete a very large, multi-phase building project in Kenya that will transform the Hope Center. As it stands now, the Hope Center itself houses the church, which holds multiple weekly services, as well as a new nursery and visitor center. However, with the new three-story building project on the back of the Hope Center, we will be able to house a large industrial feeding center and kitchen, meeting spaces to be used for discipleship and rental income for the Hope Center, and office spaces for many of the programs we currently house. This is just another part of Hope Church Kenya and World Hope Kenya becoming more self-sustaining. Hundreds of people can be fed each day physically and spiritually through this new project, and it is amazing that God is using us to meet that need. If you would like to give to this project you can give here. If you would like more information on this project, or if you’d like to pass on a word of encouragement to Pastor Brian while he is away from his family for nearly a month doing this work, feel free to email, and we will pass it along.