What in the World is happening???

What happens when the mission becomes the missionary? What happens when what you are supporting becomes the supporter? What happens when the one for whom you are praying, starts praying? What happens, is a fulfillment of what the Bible calls the Great Commission: Jesus’ last command to us before ascending to heaven, where He tells us to go and make disciples of all nations. And that’s exactly what is happening at the Hope Church in Kenya.

With over 20 Baptisms already this year and over 40 additions to our church family, we are not only seeing a growing church but also a sending church. The first quarter of the year saw an emphasis on giving back to the community and give back they did.

Reaching out to the Cheryl Children’s Home, home for 72 orphaned children, Hope Church was able to provide food, clothing, and a church service for the children, telling them of the good news that only Jesus can bring. The outreach event brought into clear focus what the church’s mission is: to be a messenger of hope to those most in need.

Special speakers from the United States came during the month of March and taught what it means for a church to take on prayer as a ministry. The church learned that Spiritual Warfare can only be won with prayer, and the church committed itself to praying fervently and specifically for their community. Already now, we are seeing dividends as God is doing His work. Life Groups have grown (we believe as a direct result of prayer) to 272 people regularly attending and being discipled. Praise God!

In fact, the growth that Hope Church is now seeing was causing us to run out of room. We found prayer to once again the solution; 100 new chairs were purchased through the generosity of one of our church members, and now we can grow some more! Ephesians 4 says, “We are no longer to be children…but should grow up into Christ…” Hope Church is growing up in the Lord!

World Hope exists to fulfill Jesus’ Great Commission. Hope Church is fulfilling that role now in Kenya because of God’s people doing their part to see the Good News of Jesus spread. Thank you for your prayers and your gifts, to see the reality of Hope Church comes to life. We are grateful to our supporters, for it is you that is helping to bring the World Hope.