Through the years, we have had many people support World Hope in various ways. Many organizations have come alongside World Hope, many churches have partnered long-term, and in recent years, organizations like Premiere Christian Cruises and K-Love Radio, along with their supporters, have been a huge blessing in generosity. However, nothing has built a long-term relationship better than having people come on trips with us. As soon as people absorb the need in our country and around the world, they are immediately a part of our family. We share ups and downs, and we pray for each other when times are abundant or when they are bleak. We have celebrated and cried along with many trip goers over the years. Often, upon returning from a trip, a person or family will say to us, “How can we get others to understand?” In the last year, we have begun meeting with these trip goers in their homes, surrounded by their friends. These are friends they know need to or want to hear more about World Hope and the great need. We have shared Detroit and Kenya in an environment where their friends and family can truly begin to understand how their loved one came home so changed. Often times, these people want to “Go” with us and visit the same areas their loved ones have seen, and sometimes they want to “Give” to help fund a project near and dear to their loved one’s heart, but every time, they want to “Pray” for us. That is how World Hope grows so that more people can hear and more people can be helped. We recently returned from a dinner in the home of some dear friends in Kentucky. We had a marvelous time, and so much was done to further the conversation about Kenya. Without these faithful supporters, we would not be able to do much of the work we are doing. We are so grateful for all who Pray, Give, and Go.