Dear World Hope Family,

The Lord said He would do “Exceedingly, abundantly, more than we could ask or think.”  2015 speaks to that truth, I find it difficult to put that down accurately in just one page.  This past year was yet another momentous year for World Hope and what was accomplished can only be placed on the shoulders of the One who made it happen.  Our Father seems more gracious to us every year and we are thrilled as to what He has done again this year.

In our first full year in operation, the Detroit KLOVE Hope Center saw 43 people give their lives to Christ.  It is for this we work!  We gave away over 5,000 articles of clothing and several thousands of dollars’ worth of food cards to those in need, and personally served over 1,000 meals.  We had over 500 visitors come to outreach events during the summer and those numbers do not even include the children who came to multiple events during the year.

The renovation work on the building continued throughout the year with the installation of thousands of square feet of flooring and painting throughout the building.  Our Refuge rooms were outfitted with new desktop computers and work spaces for our after school and mentoring programs and we are reaching rooms full of students every day.  In addition to that, our Literacy Center opened this year with a full library so that we are not only reaching teens; but the need for adult literacy is being met in a big way as well.

The bottom line is that ministry is happening in Detroit and the city is being changed one soul at a time!

At the Hope Center in Kenya, we have seen the largest growth in our history.  Many gave their lives to Christ this year and we have over 50 who have been, or are waiting to be, baptized.  Hope Church now has over 500 adult members in regular attendance and is experiencing steady growth.  Our children’s ministry has grown as well and is now reaching nearly 300 every week; and they are doing so in our new Children’s Tent and nursery areas that were built this past summer.

The Hope Academy has not only seen numerical growth; but test scores continue to rise as well.  The Hope Academy Senior School is rapidly getting a reputation as a high quality education in an area that until Hope came a decade ago, had no educational facilities at all.  For years we have said that one of our goals was to “push back the slum”, and the way we could do that most effectively was through education.  We’re accomplishing that and are now seeing the fruit.

Which brings me back to where I started…with Jesus.  Jesus tells us in John 15 that His Father is glorified, when we bear much fruit.  It has been World Hope’s purpose from the beginning, and continues to be, to bear much fruit.  Hope is an intangible thing, made tangible by actions.  Thanks to you, your gifts, your prayers, and your love, we are together bringing the World Hope, and bearing much fruit.  Thank you for all you do!

Derek Janney
EVP of World Hope