A Legacy of Hope

World Hope’s first project began in 1992 in the newly opened country of Albania. For years, the country had been known as the most atheistic nation in the world. With the Iron Curtain now down, Dr. Janney visited the heartbreaking site of many orphanages, so neglected that the children were starving. In addition to the planting of new churches in the newly freed country, World Hope purchased ten Albanian orphanages and thus began the job of bringing Hope to the hopeless.

It was from this project that World Hope was born, and now, over twenty years later, we are still going strong, reaching further than ever before. Children who were in those orphanages are now grown, educated and have families of their own. Most importantly, many are serving the Lord and reaching out to help others in great need. It was our goal to raise up world changers for Christ; Albania is a great testament to the faithfulness of the Lord to do more than we could ever ask or think.

How can YOU help?

We believe YOU are the difference in bringing hope to the hopeless. You can help make a difference by praying, giving or going.


We understand we can’t do this alone would you pray with us that we can impact our world in a life changing way.


Giving to World Hope accelerates hope where it is desperately needed, it could be the difference of a child having hope.


Join us on a missions trip and bring Hope with a smile, a helping hand and invest in people that need Hope.