A note from Pastor Jerel Bland, of Detox Church in Detroit:

There are so many things as Christians that we celebrate in a special way; none with more importance and enthusiasm than Easter week. It’s been referred to by many as the Super Bowl for Christians. Could you imagine your son, father, close relative or life long friend playing in the Super Bowl & not being able to see that person play in any way? To not be able to sit with other love ones & cheer them on for a win? The thought of it alone is kind of agonizing. Well, that’s how we felt at the thought of not being able to celebrate Good Friday this year. We rent out space for our Sunday services but it’s not available other days. We were preparing to possibly have the service in our home but then something amazing happened to put us in the position to celebrate our, beyond Super Bowl worthy, Savior! What happened exactly… well K-Love & World Hope purchased a facility in Detroit with the goal of impacting lives through the displayed compassion of Christ & then handed me the keys. After receiving the keys, on Palm Sunday I might add, I didn’t just feel like one person I knew was playing in the Super Bowl, I felt like every person I knew was playing in the Super Bowl! That’s a game you have to celebrate no matter what is going on! So for me it was a no brainer…with no restrooms, no heat, & no clear cut area designated for worship….it was all no problem, we had to have Good Friday service at the Future K-Love Hope Center. I just had to see if it was ok.

I’m always a little hesitant because I know others aren’t always as, shall I say excited, about the crazy things God wants to do if we would just fearlessly trust Him. So I was reluctant to contact Lisa & ask if it was ok to have the service. After she said that it was a go I realized even more that World Hope was my kind of people. Or better yet, God kind of people. I told my wife “These people are as crazy as we are!” See, our city has been overwhelmed with red tape & lights that keep great people from doing extraordinary things. Then all of a sudden this Dr. Janney guy comes into town with a spirit & personally that comes across like a walking green light! It felt like someone was finally saying “it’s time to Go, Go & do extraordinary things.” Well, you don’t have to tell me twice! God sent us a green light & the last time I checked when the light is green you hit the gas!

So, we gathered a few chairs, plugged up some heaters & a small group of us had a Good Friday Noon hour Communion & Prayer service filled with tears, hugs & hope for a future that we didn’t see but believed just a few short weeks ago. Our last prayer came from our newest member who joined our church simply because of what he felt the Saturday of the outreach that took place during the world hope detroit mission trip. We realized at that moment that impact had already begun! To be able to say that the very first service held in a center funded by people whose objective is to be a part of the revival of a city as special as Detroit brings me a sense of pride & a refreshed motivation that can’t be explained. I mean, our foundation service as a church at the Hope Center was a joy filled cry fest celebrating the death burial & resurrection of our Lord! Now I may be crazy, which probably means World Hope is too, but that certainly sounds like something worth cheering about.